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Welcome to the original Internet home of the surname Guterman. Although Gutermans are demonstrably all over the World Wide Web, there is no central Guterman resource. serves to fill the need for a web site devoted soley to Guterman genealogy, family research, and networking. This site was created and is maintained by Jeffrey T. Guterman.

join - Membership in is open to all persons interested in the Guterman families. To become a member, it is necessary to register (see below). Benefits of membership include being listed in the regsitry and receiving a quarterly e-mail newsletter.

registry - The list of persons are registered members of If your e-mail address should change, please inform us so we can update this registry. Click here to join the registry.

guestbook - Don't leave this site without leaving your mark in the guestbook.

message boards - Threaded discussions allow users to do research, organize meetings and events, and get to know each other.

news - The latest news and developments in the Guterman world.

guterman links - Web pages by and for individuals, families, and organizations related to Guterman.

genealogy - Trace your family history and learn about your ancestors.

webring - The Guterman WebRing is a group of web sites all linked together to form a ring for people named Guterman.

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feedback - You can send feedback by completing a form at this web page. Feel free to use this form to ask questions, make commments, and suggest resources for inclusion in

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