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Each month a Guterman is selected as a Guterman-of-the-Month. Gutermans who make important contributions to society are selected as Guterman-of-the-Month. The month of selection does not necessarily coincide with the date(s) of achievment(s). The Guterman-of-the-Month started in October 1999. A committee chooses each Guterman-of-the-Month. If you want to join the committee, send an email to Listed below are each month's selection for Guterman-of-the-Month.

October 1999

Vladimir E. GutermanVladimir E. Guterman is our Guterman-of-the-Month for October 1999. Vladimir is an Associate Professor of the Electochemistry Department and Vice-Dean of the Chemical Faculty of Rostov State University, Russia. He holds a Ph.D. in electrochemistry from Rostov State University. Send recommendations for future Guterman-of-the-Month to

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